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"Explore the truth underneath the bark of trees..."

With this digital project we want to exemplify that plants also have the abilities to speak with each other through air and soil. 

Plants have been living on this earth for millions of years, but only in the last decades they got fully recognised as a whole and communicating beeing -  able to help each other in times of need.

Therefore the player moves through the forest with a small creature, making this invisible communication visible for us.

Key Features

  • Simulation
  • Nature
  • Trees are communicating
  • 3D Low Poly Environment

The Team

Special Thanks to

  • Bernd Miguel Süßdorf (Programming)
  • Prof. Florian Berger (First Advisor)
  • Prof. Csongor Baranyai (Second Advisor)
  • Prof. Sebastian Stamm (Second Advisor)

Used PlugIns

  • Bolt: Visual Scripting Program
  • Low Poly Water GPU from Jolix
  • Amplify Shader Editor from Amplifiy Creations

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Release Notes

Release Version 1.0

This game was created at the Game Design // UE Department of the University of Applied Sciences Europe. Supervised by: Prof. Florian Berger "Bachelor Project"
 (WinterSemester 2019/20)


Living_Trees.zip 188 MB

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